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WordPress Maintenance

We Guard, Update, Elevate.

Why do I need a Care plan?

Secure your website

Our proactive approach to security strengthens your website's vulnerabilities, and fixes potential threats before becoming a problem

Fast & Healthy

We ensure that your website and plugins are consistently updated and optimized, guaranteeing that your website remains current and operates seamlessly.

Website fixes

Things break. We're prepared to quickly fix problems as they arise so that your website can continue to run with minimal downtime

WordPress Care Plans

Alleviate all of your WordPress headaches with our stress-free maintenance plans. We’ll handle all of the work so you can focus on growing your business.

We provide a monthly maintenance service to take care of the general maintenance and health of your WordPress website. Think of it as a warranty for your website. We guarantee that your website will continue to run as designed

Have backups of your website

We store and manage scheduled backups of your website in multiple locations to ensure that should your website ever go down, we can quickly restore your website so you don’t have any downtime.

WordPress Core Updates

Themes & Plugin Updates

Scheduled Website Backups

Website Bug Fixes

Monthly Report

Up To Date


We currently offer 3 tiers of pricing, based upon the level of servicing that your WordPress website needs. We will also do a full assessment of your specific needs and can add-on additional services if needed. No contracts, no lock-in fees, just one monthly fee. Cancel at anytime with 30 days notice


You have a basic “informational” site and will only update your website a few times a year
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You rely on your website to generate leads for your business. You are regularly updating or adding content to your website
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You do e-commerce on your website. You are regularly updating or adding content to your website.
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