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Ever wanted to generate sales online? Then it’s likely you’ve stumbled across e-commerce providers like Shopify and WordPress (WooCommerce). Unlike traditional brick and mortar stores, e-commerce websites allow you to sell your products anywhere, anytime. They are a cost-effective and scalable business solution.

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E-Commerce Web Development: Customize the Experience

Out-of-the-box e-commerce websites work just fine, but they’re generic with limited functionality. They are not specific to your business. At SEO Gorillas, we partner with leading e-commerce platforms to develop your online store that is shaped by your branding and KPIs.


Tailored designs, formatting and app integrations are a few ways to improve how your customers interact with your store. For instance, one-click purchases with digital wallets (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal) save your customers time by removing the need to hunt for credit cards and, as a result, secures more conversions.

Understand Your Customers with Professional E-Commerce Development Services

A unique advantage of selling online is consumer insights. With the right integrated analytics tools, you can extract data from the full customer journey—from discovery, acquisition, conversion and, finally, retention. Not only is this information useful for understanding consumer behaviour, but you can also utilize your findings to conduct data-driven product development, targeted digital marketing and specific cross-selling and up-selling. 


At SEOG, our team discovers the metrics that are crucial for achieving your goals and equips your e-commerce website with the tools to measure them.

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