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3D product modelling, also known as computer-aided design (CAD), is a digital rendering service that produces photorealistic prototypes of a product. They are becoming increasingly popular on e-commerce websites as 3D models are highly detailed and offer a 360-degree view of an item. It is the most accurate online depiction available for products. Not only does this dramatically increase confidence in your product, but it also reduces dissatisfaction and return rates.

Need a 3D product model fast?

You’re in luck: 3D modelling has a quick turnaround time. At SEO Gorillas, we only require 4-5 reference images of your product or a link to the product webpage to start designing a prototype. This process takes less than a week. We create a basic 3D rendering of the product that, if and when needed, can be fitted with alternative materials, patterns and colour variations. Overall, 3D rendering is more cost and time-efficient than planning and executing photoshoots, and it results in models that are indistinguishable from the physical product.

Don't just picture it.

Standard product photography is overdone. Make your business memorable to the users of your e-commerce website by offering 3D models of your products. Your customers can interact with the 3D models by zooming in and out or turning the product on an axis. The longer your customers engage with your 3D models, the more likely they are to dig deeper into your website and remember your products and brand.