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Your One-Stop-Shop WordPress Website Maintenance Company

In addition to designing and deploying websites, we also offer one-stop professional WordPress website maintenance services so you can operate independently at all times. You can count on SEO Gorillas for 24/7 support to get the most out of your online marketing.

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Reliable Website Maintenance Services Keep You One Step Ahead

The internet is constantly evolving and we take all the right steps to keep you one step ahead and protect you against any cyber-attacks. If you or your team are too busy to keep your site up to date, to regularly perform backups, often worry about the latest security warnings, need regular software updates and frequent backups, then it’s time to get in touch with your SEO Gorillas WordPress maintenance Toronto team today.

SEO Gorillas offers an array of WordPress Website Maintenance Services in Toronto to suit all your needs big or small. The best thing about partnering with SEO Gorillas is that we take full charge of streamlining the process and managing and maintaining your WordPress website.

Goodbye Stress, Hello Peace of Mind

You can now say goodbye to some of the frequent Website Maintenance stress points in Toronto – like the website going down after you make an update or the site frequently getting hacked and more. Leave the heartaches to us and get back to doing what you love most – building your business.

Clients big and small across Toronto and Canada partner with us to build modern, high-performance, low-maintenance websites. The same clients also count on us to secure, maintain and regularly update their existing websites as a professional Website Maintenance Company in Toronto.


Stay secure and in control with all themes and plugins updated regularly.  We ensure that all design updates and functionality are taken care of to have the website running optimally.

We also regularly scheduled storage back-ups. We ensure that all your important files, documents and data are regularly scheduled to be updated and stored offsite securely.

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