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As the world’s most popular and leading content management software, WordPress powers 34% of the internet today. It is no secret that WordPress is the ideal the software of choice for businesses large and small. This is the reason, WordPress holds 59.3% of the content management system share today.

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WordPress Development – Many Advantages

WordPress brings many inherent advantages. With its enormous “plugins” community, it is simple and easy to add additional functionality or integrate it with email marketing solutions, CRMs, and other services. Effortless scalability as you grow is one of its primary advantages.

Compared to traditional systems like Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix that are closed-off and limit your options, the Open-Source advantage of WordPress gives you full control of the ownership of your website.

WordPress Supports Leading Brands

Today the WordPress Open Web platform supports leading brands from around the world. Clients across Los Angeles and the USA rely on SEO Gorillas for a full suite of WordPress Development Los Angeles. Globally renowned sites like Quartz, Techcrunch(!), Facebook Newsroom, BBC America, Venturebeat and many others have made WordPress their preferred CMS – and so can you.

For more than 10 years, WordPress enjoys a preferred status in the market as the content management software of choice. Our Los Angeles WordPress professionals show you how to take advantage of its ease of use and intuitive interface. This means you can effortlessly add as many new pages as you want, upload pictures and curate fresh blog posts on the go.

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The Advantages of Expert WordPress CMS Development

WordPress is one of the world’s leading CMS or content management systems because it is reliable, fast, and simply makes the process of developing a website that much easier. Today, individuals running blogs and businesses looking to run eCommerce can benefit from the many features that are provided with the platform.


The problem is that WordPress has so many features including plugins and HTML anchors that a novice starting a website wouldn’t be familiar with. To ensure that every page runs smoothly and is optimized for the search engines, it is important to rely on professional WordPress development services Los Angeles businesses can benefit from.


With our experience and expertise in CMS services we can help you develop a beautiful and functional website that you can be proud of. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of custom WordPress CMS solutions.


1. User Friendliness

Websites should be easy for visitors to use and navigate encouraging them to remain on the page to find the information they need or to perform the desired transaction. With our leading WordPress development services, we ensure that every page is user friendly by creating fast loading pages, a professional website layout, and easy access to products and services.


We also update information on your website to ensure that it continues to perform without disruption.


2. Improved Security

Providing customers with the best security will keep confidential information and personal details secure. Through our integrated WordPress CMS management, we regularly update your pages to keep consumer and company data safe.


Failure to update the security of the website leaves it vulnerable to online threats. As leading WordPress developers, we regularly update technologies to provide your website with the best possible protection.


3. Site Expansion

Because WordPress is such a versatile platform, it offers a multitude of plugins and features that make it easy to upgrade and expand websites. For growing businesses, product lines and services, the CMS platform makes it easier and more affordable to integrate additional features and grow the website along with your business.


For WordPress development Los Angeles customers can benefit from our use of custom plugins allowing us to modify websites in accordance with the changing needs of the business.


4. Customizable with Plugins

The CMS website offers customers a wide range of plugins to create a fully customizable website. By developing a platform that performs well and best represents the brand, it builds trust among customers and will have them returning to your website in the future.


To ensure that you receive a website that is fully customized to your needs, we can help you with creative design, quality content, and superior website functionality. Our goal is to develop a professional website that supports the growth and success of your business.


5. Social Media Integration

To connect your social media such as Facebook or Instagram to your website, WordPress offers integrated social media features. The process is easy and seamless, helping you stay connected to customers and visitors through your social media and your website.


Our professional WordPress development services assist with the integration of social media platforms ensuring that visitors keep up to date with the latest news and information.


6. SEO Friendly Features

What makes this CMS platform such a favorable option for website development is that it is considered SEO or search engine optimization friendly. All websites need to be ranked and visible in the search engines such as Google which requires SEO. To develop an optimized website, we assist with meta descriptions, keyword relevance, and technical aspects that help rank the website and increase its visibility in the major search engines.


7. Open Source Platform

What makes this platform so unique is the web developers don’t have to build code from scratch to create and to expand upon the website. This open source software makes website growth and integration far more efficient than any other platform.


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As a leading WordPress development company Los Angeles clients are provided seamless solutions to create a secure and responsive website.


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