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Shopify is a cloud-hosted content management system (CMS) that enables businesses of all sizes to open and operate e-commerce websites. With over 600,000 businesses hosting their stores on the platform, Shopify is a global leader in eCommerce website development. Their websites pave a solid foundation for your business by being SEO-friendly, secure and scalable—allowing you to increase traffic and conversions. At SEO Gorillas, we combine our technical, creative and marketing expertise to build a dynamic Shopify website that helps you exceed your KPIs.

Website Development

Get ready to stand out with Shopify Development Company Toronto

Shopify themes are easy to install and edit, but they’re generic with limited functionality. The result? Thousands of stores that look the same. The fix? A professionally designed and developed website.


Whether you need a brand new Shopify website development or a revamp of an existing one, our Shopify developers are here to help. We design websites that hone your branding—through logos, colour palettes, formatting and more—and build brand recognition. And, of course, we make sure your Shopify website is easy to navigate so that customers stay engaged. As a top-rated Shopify development agency, we provide a complete range of services from Shopify theme Development, Shopify store design, and module development in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Shopify Development Services: You have full control

The Shopify CMS is intuitive to use—easily update items such as products, images and prices. The admin dashboard is user-friendly and, like all Shopify stores, responsive to mobile screens and accessible on the go. We organize the dashboard in a way that meets your goals, allowing you to effortlessly access key business metrics, like sales, orders and traffic data.


Depending on your needs, we integrate third-party applications with your Shopify store. For instance, we add payment gateways, analytics tools and email marketing tools, which all give you better control over how your business operates. SEO Gorillas is a one-stop Shopify development agency specializing in Shopify development and Shopify plus development in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Web Development Services

Creating an eCommerce website opens a world of opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses but without the necessary technical support and knowledge of platforms such as Shopify, it is challenging to grow customers, sales, and the brand.


Fortunately, running an online store is made easier and more efficient with Shopify. This eCommerce platform has grown incredibly popular over the last decade and offers businesses a wide range of features that improve user-friendliness, online security, and hassle-free transactions.


Shopify is also fully customizable making it easier for all businesses to create brand representative themes that distinguish their business from others. As an experienced Shopify development company, Toronto clients can benefit from tailored backend management, integration services, and customization that support goal achievement and successful brand growth.


To help you with your business growth and website needs, we take a closer look at the benefits of calling on your trusted Shopify website developers.


The Benefits of Professional Shopify Development Solutions

As a trusted Shopify development agency Toronto businesses are provided fully custom and integrated web services that not only focus on creating a tailored shopping experience and appealing to customers but that also help businesses to grow across local and international markets.


The purpose of incorporating professional Shopify development services is to ensure that online stores benefit from secure solutions that optimize and advance these professional platforms.


1. Customized Themes

Shopify offers unique and diverse themes for businesses to choose from helping you create the right brand image whether one of formality and professionalism or fun and engagement with clients and customers. As expert Shopify web developers, we assist with the creation of customized themes that best showcase your brand, products, and services. We also ensure that your business moves away from generic templates with little to know consumer influence or impact and work on user-friendly features that create the ultimate brand experience.


2. Responsive Web Design

One of the biggest frustrations for new or small to medium businesses is launching an eCommerce website only to have links that don’t work, product pages that don’t load properly, or problems when it comes to customers completing transactions. Because we are familiar with the challenges that businesses encounter, we use the correct plugins, integrated services, and methods of optimization to keep pages running smoothly and securely. This means that customers should be able to find and purchase a product they are looking for with ease and convenience. Our goal is to ensure that visitors to your website have a smooth and rewarding experience.


3. Secure Solutions

One of the most important aspects of a Shopify website is providing your customers with security. When they enter their personal information on the website, they should have peace of mind that their details will be safe and confidential. As experienced and certified experts, we are committed to updating the security of Shopify websites so that customers continue to experience uninterrupted services and transactions.


4. Shopify Maintenance Services

To keep Shopify running the way it should and to ensure that all security measures and updates are completed, our Toronto Shopify website development includes regular maintenance services. Ongoing maintenance will keep websites running smoothly and includes the constant updating of plugins, features, and pages to maintain their functionality and ranking.


Because Shopify is one of the most trusted platforms available for creating custom websites, having an experienced team on your side to develop an impressive website to represent your business. Shopify has changed the way people do business and joining the ever-growing platform is becoming one of the best strategies for those looking to build and scale their business. It is one of the most secure eCommerce websites that has continued to help all sized businesses grow their customers, brand, and ultimately the bottom line.


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With reliance on our Toronto Shopify development services, all businesses can benefit from leading Shopify solutions. We are committed to helping you build your brand, customers, and your online reputation with customization, integrated services, and ongoing maintenance. We work with you to develop a professional and brand representative platform with custom themes and expert development services. We are here to help you with every aspect of your online presence from custom themes to fast-loading pages and security.